Mystery Mindcamp

Mystery Mindcamp (MMC) is a pop-up creativity and innovation event designed to help create and foster local communities of creatives all around the world. Mystery MindCamp events are always interactive and the participants are a key part of the experience. 

If I knew what the event was, I would never have come. But I’m so glad I did!

– Mystery Mindcamp attendee

Mystery MindCamp is part of the global Mindcamp community. MindCamp is a retreat where you can take  seminars and classes which teach creativity, innovation and leadership skills. It is a five-day micro-university for personal and professional and organizational creativity – a feast of concurrent sessions presented by the best creativity leaders in the world. MindCamp takes place in Chile (January), USA (March), and Canada (August) every year. For more information, visit:

To join Mystery MindCamp community and learn about the next event in your city, request to become a member of the community at: